Build Anything In 12 Weeks.

Urban homes, penthouses, farmhouses, cottages, terrace extensions and even resorts.
From design to finishing, hassle-free

We're the best way to build in India. 

Esthete Fab Homes

Esthete Fab Homes

We build beautiful homes in 12 weeks. The way you’ve always wanted: fast, error-free and bespoke. We build with steel frame technology, which means a hassle-free experience: no mess, wastage, delays, noise or hidden charges.

No matter what you’d like to build, we’re the perfect fit. We can build in any style, on any terrain.
We believe constructing a new home should be an exhilarating experience.
Whether you’re an architect or a house owner, you’ll love the way we do things.

With Esthete Fab Homes, you’ll never have to compromise on your dream home again.

How We Work


Tell us what your dream home looks like, and we’ll design it for you. You can also come to us with a prepared design or choose a layout from our catalogue.


Our advanced computer-aided folding machine manufactures strong steel frames for your home based on your design, often in just a day! It’s error-free down to the millimeter. 


The frames are transported to your site and assembled in a matter of weeks, and covered in the cladding and finishes of your choice.  Sit back and relax as regular updates come to you. 

Move in

In 12 weeks, your dream home is ready. Eco-friendly, disaster-proof and a life of 60+ years. Need interiors done or some customized furniture? We have options for that, too!

Here's a Home We Made in Just 10 weeks

This is a progress video of a project in Deepanjali Nagar, Bangalore. 
It’s a house extension on the 1st floor of the client’s existing structure. 

We made this in just 10 weeks.
Working only during the day, no overtime.

The Fab Homes Advantage

FAb DEsign

Build in any style, with a vast selection of customizations and finishes. 

fab construction

Just 12 weeks for a strong and safe house that lasts 60+ years on any terrain. Also perfect to build on terraces! 

fab Maintenance

An optional annual plan that lets you relax so the experts can maintain your home in flawless condition

Burning with questions? We’ve got you covered!
Take a look at our FAQs page. 

Fab Homes vs. Conventional


We do in 12 weeks what it takes a conventional project 6-12 months to do.  Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it can be even faster!


Fab homes are naturally earthquake-proof, fire-proof, 100% pest and mold resistant, and can be designed to withstand high loads and extreme weather conditions. 


The quality is better than conventional.  Our advanced computer-aided fabrication of the LGSF structure means it’s error-free down to the millimeter. There’s very little room for human error during assembly.

Need for Infrastructure

Fab homes require 90% less water, significantly less power and use much less labour. Ideal for remote locations as it’s easier to transport prefabricated steel frames than heavy bags of sand, cement and brick.

Energy Savings

Homes built the fab homes way have superior thermoregulation compared to conventional homes. This makes fans and air conditioners much more efficient, and saves power. 


One of the greatest advantages of this technology is the ease of customizations compared to conventional. Build your home in any style, experiment with any material. 


Fab homes don’t need thick columns and beams. The computer-aided nature of the manufacturing also allows the architect to be much more creative. From the outside, it looks no different from conventional homes. 


The best part is that it costs the same as conventional, despite being better in almost every way! Factor in the amount of money saved by the 12 week timeline and ease of funding options; choosing a fab home is an easy decision. 


We run a tight ship. You won’t have to deal with the dreaded labour issues that plague construction. Apart from the lesser labour needed for a fab home, our employees are trained well and dedicated to finishing things on time.

Where We Are

Do you live in Bangalore, or maybe just visiting?
Walk in for a meeting with our team, anytime, and we’d be happy to answer your questions. 

Get in Touch

Have a question, or need a quote? Write to us.
We’ll get back to you pronto! 

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