About Us



We’re Esthete. We were founded by Hamsavardhan, a master carpenter, ceramic artist, interior designer and our current CEO. We’re a Bangalore-based design company that covers the entire gamut of designing and building: architecture, interior design, and construction, product design and manufacturing.

We’re defined by our unflinching quality, integrity and a highly evolved aesthetic sensibility.

Esthete Fab Homes

Every construction project begins with the same question, always asked with a sense of foreboding– “Where do we find a good building contractor?”. To us, this indicated a market that was ready to be disrupted. Esthete’s Fab Homes was founded in Bangalore as a solution to this problem.

Our construction technology addresses every need in building a home, from ease and cost-effectiveness to being environmentally-friendly and reliable. We do this by being a single-window company for your complete turnkey home-building needs. We use an advanced computer-aided steel frame technology that gives rapid and reliable results without compromising on aesthetics, elegance and quality. We aim to give you a hassle-free home building experience by taking charge of the entire project from planning and approvals, to construction and interiors.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, do get in touch!

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