We build with LGSF because there’s no material that can match it for construction in India. Any new technology should meet and exceed the advantages of the technology it seeks to replace. In India, that’s concrete, brick and cement. Building homes using steel frames is a new technology here, though it has been around in the developed world for more than 30 years now. Steel technology has reached such a peak since the past decade that technologies like LGSF have quickly become the ideal construction material.

Around 40% of all homes built in the warmer states of the US, like Hawaii, California and Florida are built with LGSF. In Southern Australia, it’s 30% of all homes. In Japan, a region with unique weather conditions, 150,000 homes are built this way each year. 

We use this technology in a way that addresses every pain point experienced by a home builder in India.

Here are some queries we’re asked very often, with answers: