The Technology

Welcome to the hassle-free future of home construction.

Esthete Fab Homes builds fast, hassle-free. We use Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) to make the structure of your building, instead of brick or concrete. This has numerous advantages over conventional structures. LGSF is essentially high-quality rust-proof steel that has been folded by an advanced computer-aided machine into precise frames. These frames are shaped based on the design given to the machine and are error-free down to 1mm, and the entire process is monitored by a senior engineer and an architect. The manufacturing often takes just a day for the entire structure. Once done, the frames are transported to the site and assembled. In this way, the manufacturing is prefab technology– fast and reliable– but you also have full creative control over the design. The frames are high-strength and load-bearing, so an LGSF structure works by distributing load very efficiently, thus also eliminating the need for an elaborate foundation and thick columns and beams, without affecting stability.

Once the frame has been assembled, it’s covered in cladding. At Esthete, our default choice of cladding is a cement-fibre tile, which is then painted. The cladding can also be anything else, there’s a vast number of choices, like wood, stone, brick etc.

There is also no limitation on what type of roofing you can use. You can use any material, in any style.
An actual finished home looks no different than a conventionally made one. But building the fab homes way also means an extremely fast turnaround time (70% faster than conventional)no mess, no delays, significantly less dependence on water and power, and minimal chance of human error. The buildings last as long as conventional ones, and are naturally earthquake-proof, fire-proof and pest/mold-proof, have better thermoregulation, aesthetics and are eco-friendly (steel is 100% recyclable!). There’s also the incredible cost savings and ease of funding options for a such a high-quality building constructed in such a short time.

Your Esthete Fab Home is designed by professionals, constructed rapidly (60% faster than conventional), designed to suit your tastes and needs, and lasts longer than any conventional construction– and yet it’s visually indistinguishable from it. The components used are designed in a factory to ensure accuracy to the millimeter, high quality and rapid construction times.

No more time wasted plastering, bricklaying,watering and dealing with slush, waste, noise, and high labour charges. Build your dream home in twelve weeks!



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